I’ve been remote/work from home since early 2011 through time as a freelancer and then as a remote worker with my current employer. Nothing new here for me, and I’m fortunately well acclimated.

After much consultation with my father, I’m still not deadset on a new car, but I definitely have at least a little bit more research to do. I’m still partial to the Honda Fit, but need to see if I can find or negotiate better prices.

Still trying to find a good, hopefully creative use, for Micro.blog. I don’t want to treat it like Twitter because I have Twitter and many Mastodon accounts for that. I’ll keep mulling :D

Small Technology Foundation support.

Last night, I set up a recurring €5 payment to small-tech.org. It’s far from a lot, but after doing some reading of their website, I felt that they could use any financial contributions they could get. The things they are battling against also feel very inline with things I am with my involvement with the IndieWeb movement.

Small Technology are everyday tools for everyday people designed to increase human welfare, not corporate profits.

About - Small Tech

I know that I recently received a 5% raise at my dayjob, so I know that I can easily afford this small expense per month, which is still about the price of a large fancy coffee in the US.

A fancy coffee is always my comparison tool, even when 7 times out of 10 I’m buying the less expensive drip coffee. :D

Anyways, check them out, check out what they stand for, and see if you’re willing to also float a small monthly stipend their way.

And tw2113.blog is set up and pointing to my micro.blog

Purchased tw2113.blog last night to go with this account. Will set up soon

Finished a run through, touchup, and final revision of an internal presentation on the IndieWeb for next Tuesday. Looking forward to it.

The potential for simplicity, low power needs, and web accessibility make microblogging a viable option for those who are in lives in the proverbial 3rd world.

Dated: “New year, new me” Fresh: “New year, improved me”

Can’t say I’ve ever been one for end of year retrospectives, and really, why start now?

Podcast Addict stats.

There are still a couple days left in the year, but I wanted to share some podcast listening time stats for 2019. All stats relative to now

Today: 5hr 2min This week: 15hr 4min December: 3 days, 5hr November: 3 days 7hr

2019: 37 days, 1 hour.

I have spent literally 37 days of the 365, with a podcast playing to me. Majority would be in the car driving between various places, but I know some was also while on a treadmill, or while sitting at home.

New Years Resolutions

  1. Make no more resolutions.

Gonna achieve all my resolution goals so easily!

2126 word, pre-editing blog post explaining indieweb WordPress plugins and what they can do has been drafted. Want to help new users find their way in more familiar concepts. Well share link hopefully soon.

Cool Quill post, me https://apiratelifefor.me/quill-test/ aka a webmention test post.

Spending my Five For The Future time today helping the WordPress IndieWeb plugins and their documentation.

Hello my first micro.blog post.