Post COVID-19 brief thoughts.

I almost don’t want things to go back to “how they were”, to a point. I’ve seen people mention and refer to missing physical touch and the various levels of intimacy provided. I’ve been single since 2002, and in the grand scheme of everything, my experiences with regular physical touch have been extremely limited in duration.

It’s probably at a point where I wouldn’t know how to react to it when it stretches in regularity beyond perhaps a few weeks. Likely to the point of being nervous and scared, and I’m 36 at the time of this posting.

Dating and relationships have been difficult since the dawn of time. The age of online dating has only made things potentially worse. Add in a viral pandemic on top of it, and we’re in uncharted territories of odd.

I don’t know what to do other than what I’ve long been doing already, and that’s a meal I’ve had for too many years.